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Viva Decor Inka Gold - Emeald 921

  • £5.99

Inka Gold - Emeald 921 - 62.5gIt is an easy to apply wax paste with an elegant metallic shine. Especially suitable for absorbing surfaces such as untreated wood, cardboard and unglazed a water based, rub-on metallic wax paste that can be applied with a sponge, damp brush, finger or cloth. Can be sealed with a varnish. APPLICATION: Apply Inka-Gold thinly with a sponge in a circular motion, applying and polishing simultaneously. To achieve a more intense colour, apply several thin layers. To apply on hard to reach places, such as 3D-objects use a lightly moistened brush. Polish when dried. Important: to avoid contamination and to prolong the life of Inka Gold, do not use Inka-Gold directly from the jar but instead remove the amount of paste as needed with a clean palette-knife.120492136Meta

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