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Viva Decor Blob Paint Kit Silver Moon 6 Paints 6 x 90 ml

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The set includes 6 colors in practical bottles with ready-mixed Blob Paint paint (acrylic paint) for immediate use. So you can start relaxing by "painting" right away! The beautiful colours can be perfectly combined with each other and layered on top of each other. Create beautiful, delicate Blob Paint artworks that will give your home a fresh summer glow.

Blob Paint images consist of multiple dots of paint layered on top of each other. It creates colorful 3D effects with a cheerful vibe. With the ready-to-use Blob Paint paint from Viva Decor, you can get started right away and paint your own Blob Paint painting.

You have many options when it comes to the color design. You decide which colors you want to layer and how many layers you want to make.

High color intensity
Ready mixed, no mixing
Ready to use
Great 3D effects

Where does Blob Painting come from?
Blob Painting originated in the USA. Mike Hammer, who is well known in the art scene, is the one who revolutionized the technique.

How does Blob Painting work?
The base is a flat lying canvas or a flat lying painting background. Paint the background with acrylic paint in a single color, multi-colored, with a motif, or leave it white depending on your mood. The blobs are applied directly from the bottle onto the background: for round blobs, hold the bottle tip vertically in the blob center just above the painting background; for the special gradient effect, at the edge of the painting background, pull the tip slightly over the edge while applying.

After only 24 hours, one layer is dry and another can be applied. Thus, blob by blob, a colorful 3D painting is created.

It is a pleasure to watch how the image gradually changes and grows. Blob Paint is the innovative paint for a relaxed, creative break with a colorful result.

Shake well before use!

Hold the bottle tip vertically above a flat substrate and squeeze the paint out of the bottle until the desired blob size is reached. Allow each coat to dry for 24 hours before applying another coat. For special effects with blops dripping down the edge, pull the tip slightly in the direction of the edge while applying the paint.

1 x Blob Paint 90ml Taupe
1 x Blob Paint 90ml Curry
1 x Blob Paint 90ml Rosewood
1 x Blob Paint 90mlNordic Blue
1 x Blob Paint 90ml Sage
1 x Blob Paint 90ml Cream

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