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Viva Decor 3D Stamp Paint Green metallic

  • £5.29

3D-Stamp Paint waterproof 50ml - Grass green metallic. These brilliant stamp paints give stamped motifs an embossed luster. The paint can be applied easily with a sponge brush. The 3D-Stamp Paint is smudge- and waterproof, so it can be painted over. 3D-stamp paint is available in beautiful metallic shades, as well as in white and black as base color. It is suitable for stippling, stamping and stenciling. • high color luminance • apply with a sponge brush • waterproof • fast drying • Water based acrylic 3D-Stamp-paint preparation: • Stir well before use! • clean immediately after use with dish washing lotion and cold water 3D-Stamp-paint processing: Dip your sponge brush into the MyPaperWorld 3D-Stamp-Paint and wipe off the extra paint on the sides of the jar. Dab the sponge brush a couple of times on the inside of the jars lid or on a piece of paper so you can disperse the paint evenly. Apply the MyPaperWorld 3D-Stamp-Paint thin and evenly onto the stamp. Stamp with light pressure. The stamp paint looks as if embossed. Pull off the stamp from the acrylic block and clean them Clean the sponge brush Since all paints are highly opaque, a stamping on dark backgrounds is possible

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