Trodat 7011 Red 500 ml Stamp Ink - RI7011-RD-500ML - Lilly Grace Crafts

Trodat 7011 Red 500 ml Stamp Ink

  • £75.19

Designed for manually inking your dry stamp pad for use with your traditional hand stamp, Trodat's standard inks help deliver Trodat's best stamp impressions. Giving full-surface coverage and creating sharp-contoured impressions that will last for decades, the water based stamp ink fulfils requirements for indelibility.

Inking your pad has never been easier, thanks to the ink-spread nozzle on the bottle, you are guaranteed an effective and clean experience.

The ink's hygroscopic characteristic means that the ink pad will self-regulate and stay fresh by drawing moisture from the air, making it long-lasting and cost-effective.

Containing the highest percentage of recycled plastic that is technically possible, the ink bottle features a transparent strip on its side, giving you an indication of how much ink you have left.

Available in black, blue, red, green and violet, simply select the colour which best suits your impressions.


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