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Trimcraft Love Letters - Hearts

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First Edition Deco Mache PaperLove Letters - Hearts
First Edition decoupage craft papers.
We sell a range of alternative patterns within this first edition range.
These decorative decoupage craft papers can be used to decorate objects like wood, papier mache, paper, card, ceramics/bisque, terracotta, glassware, paper, plastic, metal, candles, soap etc. Each layer is sealed with decoupage glues and an application of varnish (often multiple coats) will hide the "stuck on" appearance of the paper. Eventually the transformed object looks like it has been painted or inlayed.
Using decoupage glue, simply apply whole, cut or ripped sheets of these decorative papers onto a clean surface. Please note that (1) some surfaces may need sanding, priming or sealing prior to decoration (2) do not use on objects that come into contact with food.
Decorative/ornamental items can be covered as and transformed or refurbished using DecoMache papers and glue.
We recommend DecoArt’s Decoupage Sealer/Glue (Gloss = CLDA DS101-4OZ or Matte = CLDA DS106-4OZ) or Plaid Mod Podge Glue with these papers.
Sold as a SINGLE pack of 3 sheets in the same design size 26 x 37.5cm



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