Spellbinders Birds Punch Template - Lilly Grace Crafts

Spellbinders Birds Punch Template

  • £9.99

SpellbindersSBP5-006 - Introducing the Birds Punch Templates and Presto Punch Machine, a new and innovative way to Punch. With Spellbinders Presto Punch, an automatic punching and embossing machine, eliminate the need for bulky, heavy, space consuming punches. Store more than 30 Punch Templates in the space of one standard punch. Spellbinders Presto Punch Templates punch, emboss and stencil with a single template. Presto Punch Templates are recommended for use in the Presto Punch machine. Get ready to explore your new Punchabilities! The Birds Punch Template features Birds in 3 sizes and shapes. Approximate Punch Template Sizes: 1: 1 x ? 2: 1? x 5/8 3: 2 x 1? P5-006

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