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Shimpo #Shimpo Wheel Whisper T30kg centring capacity

  • £4,760.09

The Shimpo RK3T Whisper represents the next generation of potter’s wheels. Responsive and powerful, offering high torque at all speeds. With an operating volume of only 30 decibels the Whisper wheel is by far the quietest on the market.
Features a smooth quiet brushless motor that requires no maintainence. An easy adjustable electronic controller that maintains an even power at all speeds. Suited to left and right handed users. A two piece splashpan and a two year warranty for peace of mind.
The flagship in the Shimpo range this design features a robust cast alloy foot pedal that can be freely postioned, a heavy duty steel casing, adjustable legs with 5 settings, a 12" alumimium wheelhead and a modular design to allow compact storage.
Capable of centering 30kg of clay.
dimensions approx 745x575x585mm weight 45kg.

MPN 7004-W3TBL

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