Kuretake Ltd Zig Opaque x12 Box Brush - Lilly Grace Crafts

Kuretake Ltd Zig Opaque Brush

  • £3.29

Red opaque pens (blocking UV light), alcohol-based, for preparing and retouching films before exposure. Ink is fast-drying and does not peel or crack after drying. It is permanent on non-porous surfaces like glass and metal allowing a use as a resist for etching (alcohol washable). 6 types of tips are available: SF - super fine, 0,05mm (KUOP-005), UF - ultra fine, 0,3mm (KUOP-330), F - fine, 0,7mm (KUOP-220), M - Medium 1,2mm (KUOP-100), B - Broad chisel (bevel tip) 3,5mm (KUOP-88), BR - Brush (KUOP-55

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