Duncan Fabric Dye XLarge Two Minute Tie Dye Big Kit

  • £34.99
  • Save £11

Revamp your crafting projects with the revolutionary Tulip Two-Minute One-Step Tie-Dye Big Kit – a game-changer for tie-dye enthusiasts and creative souls! Say goodbye to the lengthy 8-hour dye setting process and embrace vibrant, eye-catching results in just 2 minutes. Perfect for those who value both time and creativity, this innovative kit is designed to make tie-dyeing quick, easy, and mess-free, ensuring your projects turn out beautifully every time.

The kit is meticulously crafted for the modern crafter, featuring two custom containers that transform the tie-dye process into a fast, effortless experience. The kit comes packed with everything you need to dive straight into your next project: four vibrant squeeze bottles filled with premium dyes in Yellow, Fuchsia, Turquoise, and Green; 20 rubber bands to create intricate patterns; four pairs of protective gloves to keep your hands clean; and a detailed project guide to inspire and instruct.

Specially formulated for use with 100% cotton fabrics, the Tulip One-Step Tie-Dye Kit ensures that your creations remain brilliant and bold through countless washes. Whether you're a seasoned dyer or trying it out for the first time, this kit is designed to provide a satisfying and fun crafting experience.

Ideal for DIY enthusiasts looking for an easy craft, or anyone eager to add a splash of colour to their wardrobe with a unique tie-dye tee, the Tulip Two-Minute One-Step Tie-Dye Big Kit is a must-have. Embrace the joy of crafting and the art of tie-dye with this essential kit that promises machine washable, stunning results every time. Unlock your creative potential and start crafting vibrant, awe-inspiring designs today – your tie-dye journey begins here!

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