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Duncan Fabric Dye Large Artisan Mixing Kit

  • £30.89

Tulip Artisan Tie-Dye Mixing Kit LargeThe Tulip® Artisan™ Tie-Dye System gives you the vibrant color and control needed to create professional and artist-quality tie-dye results. Tulip Artisan Tie-Dye utilizes the classic two-step soda ash method and features MaxVibrant Fiber Reactive Dyes™ that contain ultra concentrated, ultra vibrant dye pigments. The thicker, richer formula provides unsurpassed color vibrancy and maximum dye control for sharper, more defined tie-dye patterns.MaxVibrant Fiber Reactive Dyes, tie dye kit, machine washable dyetie dye, tie dye kit, artisan, maxvibrant fiver reactive dyes.

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