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DecoArt Purple Polish Decor Maxx Gloss

  • £12.39

Americana Decor Maxx Gloss Finish provides a revolutionary, superior, high-gloss sheen that delivers an almost glass-like finish. It enables consumers to create contemporary, sleek, and polished furniture and home decor accessories. Maxx Gloss now offers consumers the ability to add a high-gloss finish with a water-based, brush-on formula.FEATURES: * Highest gloss sheen available in a brush-on paint * No priming or sanding needed for excellent adhesion on most smooth, coated surfaces * Advanced adhesion technology to assure adhesion to almost all prior finishes * Remarkable coverage achieved in two coats * Extended open time allows optimum flow and leveling for an ultra smooth finish * Durable hard finish which, once fully cured, is highly resistant to household cleaning chemicals * Fade resistant * Water-based and non-toxic

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