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DecoArt Gel Medium Premium Acrylic

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Americana PREMIUM HEAVY GEL MEDIUM. Add glossy texture and dimensional effects to your paintings by mixing Heavy Gel Medium with Americana Premium Acrylic paints or using it alone. Works great with a palette knife, brush, or other texture tools. Add reflective dimension to highlights and build layers of translucent shadows to create greater depth. Extra thick bodied medium. Dries to a hard, translucent gloss finish. Use to create impasto techniques. Ideal for use with stencils. Use Heavy Gel Medium by itself over a finished piece of art to create transparent brush-stroke effects.Add Americana Premium Acrylics to Heavy Gel Medium at a smaller ratio (1:6) to create translucent layers and effects.Use on a plain canvas to create a dimensional basecoat that then can be painted with Americana Premium Acrylics.Clean all brushes and tools with soap and water while Heavy Gel Medium is still wet.Use Heavy Gel Medium when adding highlights to a painting to make them more intense.

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