DecoArt Deep Sapphire - CLDADMTL19-8OZ - Lilly Grace Crafts

DecoArt Deep Sapphire

  • £11.69

AMERICANA DECOR® MATTE METALLICS™ PAINT. Achieve a high-end look on home decor and furniture pieces without the hassle of priming or sanding first by using the most advanced metallic acrylic paint available on the market. Use it for subtle accenting or full-coverage application. The patent pending reflective technology makes the light reflect evenly off the painted surface, resulting in a true metallic finish. Metallics comes in 14 traditional colors in an easy-to-use 8 oz, wide-mouth jar. One jar provides two-coat coverage on approximately 12 square feet.Durable. Uniform metallic shimmer. Non-toxic. Soap and water clean-up. Made in the USA. br> CLDADMTL19-8OZ CLDADMTL19-8OZ MPN ADMTL19-36

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