DecoArt 7.62cm Monogram Alphabet Boarder - Lilly Grace Crafts

DecoArt 7.62cm Monogram Alphabet Boarder

  • £9.99

7.62cm Monogram Alphabet - Decoart Americana Stencil - 6" x 18" 3" Monogram Alphabet design.Features:-Laser cut stencils will produce clean, crisp lines. Repeating patterns have registration guide marks for perfect repeats.Letter and number stencils have baseline guideline markings for accuracy. Can be used with any paint or texture product. Stencils lie flat and are durable enough for repeated use. Will not warp or become hard to use. There are a variety of trendy designs for every aspect of home decorating, and for every room in your house. Helpful Hints:-•Spray back of stencil with adhesive spray, or tape to secure to surface.• Apply paint to surface with roller, stencil brush, sponge or rag.• Reposition stencil to continue pattern as desired.Uses:-•Wood• Paper• Fabric• Canvas• Glass•Plastic• Curtains• Table cloths• Placemats• Frames• Walls• Rugs• Fabric purses/totes• Furniture• Wall hangings• T-ShirtsSold as a PACK of 3 stencils. There are numerous designs within the range to choose from. Use DecoMagic Brush Cleaner immediately after use to prevent paint buildup.

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