Cadence Art & Hobby Paints

Cadence Art & Hobby Paints is a brand of high-quality art supplies that includes a wide range of paints, mediums, and accessories for artists and hobbyists. The brand is known for its innovative and versatile products that allow artists to create unique and professional-looking artworks.

The Cadence Art & Hobby Paints range includes acrylic paints, oil paints, watercolours, gouache, and metallic paints, among others. These paints are available in a wide range of colours, from traditional shades to more unusual and unique colours, allowing artists to experiment and create custom colour palettes.

In addition to traditional paints, Cadence Art & Hobby Paints also offers a range of specialised mediums and additives that can be mixed with the paints to create different effects, textures, and finishes. These include pouring mediums, crackle mediums, texture gels, and glitter gels.

One of the unique features of Cadence Art & Hobby Paints is their innovative packaging. Many of their paints and mediums come in convenient squeeze bottles, which makes them easy to use and reduces waste. The brand also offers a range of accessories, such as brushes, palettes, and canvases, that are designed to work seamlessly with their paints and mediums.

Overall, Cadence Art & Hobby Paints is a great choice for artists and hobbyists who are looking for high-quality and innovative art supplies. With their wide range of products and colours, artists can experiment and create unique artworks with ease.